Shore Brand Media is an established Direct Response (DR) Production and Marketing Agency. Founder and CEO Mark Solley provides over 20 years of experience to take companies and products through the necessary steps of building a successful DR campaign.
As a leader in the industry for years, Mark and his expert team help clients from all backgrounds craft the most effective program possible for their product or service. Whether they are a single inventor or a Fortune 500 corporation, Shore Brand Media’s wealth of experience in product development, video production, and campaign management ensures that clients and partners get the most from their DR and other direct-to-consumer initiatives.
In order to reach your goals, we must highlight the features and benefits specific to your company and product. We take extreme pride in guiding clients through the process of producing commercials and placing finished spots with a media agency that will best handle the product and its target market. We serve both domestic and international markets, delivering successful campaigns worldwide from our corporate headquarters in Asbury Park, NJ. In conjunction with production, we help coordinate call centers to process phone orders, fulfillment centers to pick and ship product, and media agents who scientifically purchase airtime based on target markets. We can even help in securing Media funding when a product is a success. Consider Shore Brand Media your one stop shop for all your Direct Response needs!

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Campaign Planning and Management

We have established partnerships with some of the leading experts in the Direct to Customer business. We combine the following to ensure your DRTV campaign is a successful one:

  • Years of Experience
  • Analytical Planning
  • Creative Marketing
  • Managerial Expertise
  • Valuable Professional Relationships

Critical to our media and campaign management is timely updates and reporting, consistent monitoring, and analysis of all data metrics. We provide accurate accounting and benchmarking of product sales against revenue generated as well as effective determination of “Upsell” product value. Most importantly, we assess each media campaign to insure that all projections are being evaluated.

Our media specialists are experts in mining all media data to not only evaluate Media Equivalency Ratio’s (MER)‘s, and Cost Per Order (CPO). But they also review customer demographics, geography of media placement (DMA), and product sale performance. This combination of effective media negotiation, acquisition, and strategy services with intuitive, leading edge analytical and targeting experience – makes Shore Brand Media the BEST choice!

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Media Management

The art of Media Planning and ultimately media execution requires the talent and skills of trained media professionals. For that you’ll need the help of Media Specialists and a Media Agency.

  • Media Specialists use powerful technology and expertise to detail all plans during the client engagement phase and formulate a strategy that meets the goals and objectives of your campaign.
  • A Media Agency will know exactly how to effectively target the consumers that are most likely to show interest in your brand and products.

We work closely with specialists and agencies to assimilate their company with your product and branding. With their extensive knowledge of the industry and marketplace we can ensure that your brand will appear in front of the right audience.

Many business development consultants just focus on consulting in the abstract. But at Shore Brand Media we pride ourselves on the fact that we only suggest action plans that are realistic to your company, your budget and your expectations. We understand production, marketing, retail, but most importantly, we understand business!

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Web Production & Marketing

It is necessary in today’s connected world to have a web presence. Web and social media marketing is an extremely important component in modern DR and brand building campaigns. This is why Shore Brand Media has focused on web culture, marketing, and production to offer an all-inclusive and contemporary solution for it’s clients. Whether it’s an E-commerce landing page or an outside-the-box viral branding campaign, Shore Brand Media has the in-house knowledge and resources to provide what you need. Our services include: Web Development

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video production, Distribution, and Marketing
  • Social network and Blog Development
  • Web Campaign Consultation
  • Branding

Shore Brand Media helps you unleash the power of web and social media marketing like you’ve never seen before!

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