What can you do in 15 seconds?

What if you have a product that you want to advertise?

Can you really catch someone’s attention if you only have 15 seconds?

Traditional advertisers think so. According to Nielsen, the number of 15-second commercials has risen over 70% since 2005, and there’s every indication that number will go higher. The driving force in the 15 commercial is three fold. The number one reason is of course, money; shorter production time, shorter editing time, and cheaper media rates. The second reason is tied to the first in that because the add rates are generally less, you can run a 15 second commercial more often. More views by consumers means more sticking, which means the consumer is more likely to respond.

The third reason, and by far not the least is the rising influence of web advertising as a driving force in product sales. According to a report by the accounting firm of Price-Waterhouse, Coopers; First Quarter 2012 Ad Revenues (the most current data) set a new peak of 8.4 Billion dollars (US), which was a 15% increase from the same quarter of 2011. Now, the truly mystifying aspect of those numbers is the relative lack of Direct Response web advertising. The prevailing sensibility with most DR agencies is still; Television, Television and more Television.

At Shore Brand Media, we think your commercial deserves better.

That’s why when we produce your commercial, we’re not just thinking television, but we’re also concentrating on web and second screen viewing as well. That means prospective buyers watching video or surfing the web on their computers, ipads, phones or e-readers see your product. And the 15-second commercial is the perfect vehicle for both.

So whether we’re creating a full commercial package beginning with a traditional 2 minute DR spot with shorter version for multiple media choices, or a 15 second television/web ready commercial. The Team at SBM has one goal. To give you the best chance available to sell your product.