Informercial Writing

So how hard can it be right?

You have a product, you have a great demo person or show host to explain the product, a great producer to make the show, and you’re a smart person, so why do you need an infomercial scriptwriter? After all, the thing practically writes itself. Well, practically. While it may, on the surface look like a pretty straightforward presentation, an infomercial, when done right is actually a complex hybrid between traditional advertising and behavioral science.

The learning curve for writing infomercials is often pretty steep, taking at least 5 or 6 shows over a period of a couple of years to get the hang of the format. Learning when to give the viewer story and emotion to get them engaged in the product, when and how to let them know that the moment for action is approaching and finally when to take that action.

Think of the process in these terms, a television show, like CSI for instance, has to engage the viewer through visuals, story and the actors performance enough to get people to sit and watch the entire 48 minutes of the show. No easy task right? After all television series are cancelled all the time. An infomercial’s job is to not only get people to watch, but also must get them to take action, either by picking up their phone or getting onto the computer. Then, if that’s not enough, the viewer more often than not has to spend money.

All in just 28 minutes and 30 seconds! Take that CSI!

Infomercials are not passive; they must be exciting, entertaining, informative and compelling. They must contain informative elements of the product that explain the product fully without the show becoming simply a dry documentary. They must contain sales points that give the products features and benefits in a way that inspires the viewer to move without becoming a video version of a carnival barker. Most of all, infomercials must be inspirational, they must convince the viewer that their lives, as good or as bad as they might be, will become better when they pick up the phone or turn on their computer and buy the product. 

At Shore Brand Media, we know that the difference between someone who writes infomercials and someone who doesn’t is the knowledge of when and how to best approach not just selling the product, but selling the viewer. A seasoned infomercial writer knows how to make the connection between where the viewer is and where the viewer wants to be and how the product will get the viewer to that magical place.