Gerson Bradford
Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Compositing, Editing, Web Design, Sound Engineering and Programming

Gerson Bradford has been a key contributor to many of our highly successful commercial campaigns. With over ten years of experience, he brings unique visual style and has been the reason that so many of the projects he has been involved with have grabbed consumers' attention and then gone on to be household names. Gerson is a senior team member and has helped to create some of our biggest campaigns. Our latest project, Evel Secret Pain gel, is poised to be another outstanding success for our client.

Gerson brings a wealth of skills and experience to any project including motion graphics, visual effects conceptualization, editing, compositing, 3D modeling, directing, sound engineering, web design and programming. He has worked as the senior video producer and editor and his experience in all aspects of video pre-production, production and post-production have made his contribution to so many projects invaluable.

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