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Your Marketing Partner

Shore Brand Media can create a production, infomercial, spot, or a complete marketing strategy. One that will generate sales or leads for your business no matter how large or small you are. If your goal is to sell products or find new clients, we can help. Our methodology includes the full gamut of new media tools including; broadcast spots or infomercials, building Facebook ads, Instagram marketing, and if you need it we can harness the full power of DRTV to help bring your product or service to the mass market.


You can have the greatest creative, but if it doesn’t resonate with the viewer it has not done its job. At Shore Brand Media we work with you to make sure the program we create works, is memorable, and achieves its desired objective.


Every project we undertake is unique. Except our initial approach. We start every project with a blank sheet of paper, a big pot of coffee, and a “There is nothing we can’t do attitude.”


Your Production is your calling card. The higher the quality of the production, the more confidence your audience has in your product or service. High production quality conveys to your audience that your company and your product is trustworthy. Shore Brand Media prides itself on providing high production value, without breaking the bank! 


This is the goal of almost all of the products seen on DRTV commercials. It is one of the most effective ways to get your product into the major Retail chains and then drive retail sales. If you are looking to place your product in the majors today and find out how we can help you achieve this.

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Life Line Screening

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